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16 current warnings
Thu 22:00 WSTWACoastal wind warning
Coastal Wind Warning for WA.
Thu 23:17 EDTVICFlood warning
Flood Warning for the Kiewa River
Thu 22:59 EDTVICSevere weather advice
for People in East Gippsland, Northern Country, North Central and North East Forecast Districts
Thu 22:06 CDTSACoastal wind warning
Strong Wind Warning for the Following Area: Upper West Coast
Thu 22:20 EDTNSW/ACTCoastal wind warning
Coastal Strong Wind/Gale Warning
Thu 22:03 EDTTASCoastal wind warning
Coastal Wind Warning for Tasmanian Waters.
Thu 22:00 EDTVICCoastal wind warning
Coastal Wind Warning for VIC
Thu 21:55 EDTNSW/ACTRoad weather alert
Slippery Roads Will Make Driving Conditions Dangerous During Friday in All Suburbs
Thu 20:45 ESTQLDFlood warning
Major Flood Warning for Baffle Creek, Moderate Flood Warning for the Kolan River, and Flood Warning for the Boyne River
Thu 20:43 ESTQLDFlood warning
Minor Flood Warning for the Mary River
Thu 19:53 ESTQLDFlood warning
Moderate Flood Warning for the Burnett River
Thu 20:11 EDTVICSevere thunderstorm advice
for People in Northern Country, North Central, North East and West and South Gippsland Forecast Districts
Thu 17:04 WSTWAFire weather warning
Fire Weather Warning for the West Kimberley Coast
Thu 19:19 EDTNSW/ACTSevere thunderstorm advice
Cancellation of Severe Thunderstorm Warning (Heavy Rain, Large Hail, Damaging Winds) for the Riverina
Thu 11:58 ESTQLDFlood warning
Final Flood Warning for the Mulgrave and Russell Rivers
Thu 11:45 EDTVICFlood warning
Flood Watch for North East Victoria (Upper Murray, Mitta Mitta, Kiewa, Ovens and King Catchments)
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