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Today13°CWindy with rain

North East for Thursday: Cloudy. Medium (40%) chance of showers, most likely later this evening. Snow possible above 1200 metres. Winds NW 20 to 30 km/h.

Current Conditions

Eddystone Point at Thursday 1:50am EST
Feels like: 7.6°C
Dew point: 6.0°C
Relative Humidity: 71%
Wind:  NW 35 km/h
Gusts to: 44 km/h
Pressure: 1021.6 hPa
Rainfall: -

7 Day Forecast for Eddystone Pt

30 Jul
Windy with rain7°C13°C
Chance of rain: 90% (1-5mm)Windy with rain
Humidity:  9am: 87%  3pm: 72% 
Wind 9am:  NW 38km/h
Wind 3pm:  NW 47km/h
31 Jul
Late shower5°C12°C
Chance of rain: 90% (1-5mm)Late shower
Humidity:  9am: 77%  3pm: 69% 
Wind 9am:  W 23km/h
Wind 3pm:  WNW 32km/h
1 Aug
Clearing shower6°C12°C
Chance of rain: 70% (1-5mm)Clearing shower
Humidity:  9am: 98%  3pm: 57% 
Wind 9am:  W 43km/h
Wind 3pm:  W 42km/h
2 Aug
Possible shower6°C12°C
Chance of rain: 80% (1-5mm)Possible shower
Humidity:  9am: 75%  3pm: 75% 
Wind 9am:  NW 48km/h
Wind 3pm:  WNW 51km/h
3 Aug
Possible shower5°C10°C
Chance of rain: 50% (1-5mm)Possible shower
Humidity:  9am: 87%  3pm: 52% 
Wind 9am:  W 41km/h
Wind 3pm:  WSW 40km/h
4 Aug
Frost then sunny3°C11°C
Chance of rain: 40% (< 1mm)Frost then sunny
Humidity:  9am: 72%  3pm: 60% 
Wind 9am:  SW 35km/h
Wind 3pm:  W 35km/h
5 Aug
Frost then sunny4°C12°C
Chance of rain: 60% (< 1mm)Frost then sunny
Humidity:  9am: 79%  3pm: 65% 
Wind 9am:  WNW 35km/h
Wind 3pm:  W 37km/h

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