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Samuel Hill Ap Almanac

Commenced 31/12/1997


Minimum Temperature

Lowest this month:10/02/201816.6°C
Lowest on record:03/02/201314.4°C
Average this month:21.7°C
Long term average:22.0°C

Maximum Temperature

Highest this month:15/02/201835.9°C
Highest on record:01/02/200435.6°C
Average this month:31.0°C
Long term average:30.2°C


Total this month:213.0mm
Wettest this month:03/02/201895.0mm
Wettest on record:(2010)995.6mm

Year To Date: 2018

Lowest temperature:20/01/201814.9°C
Highest temperature:15/02/201835.9°C
Total rainfall:25.0 days332.2mm
Total to this time last year:24.0 days207.8mm
Wettest day:03/02/201895.0mm

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