Late-season heat hits Perth

Ben Domensino, Wed 25 Mar 2020

Thursday is forecast to be Perth's hottest day this late in the season for seven years.

Persistent northeasterly winds will carry hot air towards southwestern Australia on Thursday, causing the temperature to reach the mid-to-high thirties in and around Perth. If the city reaches its forecast top of 37 degrees, it will be the hottest day this late in the season since 2013.

While days this hot are not unusual in summer, it's less common to see the mercury climb this high, this late in autumn. Since 1986, Perth has only reached 37 degrees on two occasions this late in the season (on or after March 26th). These were 37.2 degrees on April 8th, 2013 and 37.5 degrees on March 26th, 2004.  

The temperature would need to reach 39.3 degrees on Thursday to make it Perth's hottest day on record this late in the season.


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