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Storms rage towards the coast

Alex Krisman, Sun 17 Jan 2010

Storms erupted over eastern NSW this afternoon, delivering hail, heavy rain and damaging wind gusts.

A major storm cell developed over the Central Tablelands about midday, which was rapidly swept over the Hunter and out to sea by very strong winds aloft.

Hail up to the size of a 10 cent piece was observed near Mona Vale as violent storms passed over head. There have been numerous reports of strong wind gusts, with Nobbys Head experiencing a 80 km/h gusts.

Although these storms are producing heavy rainfall rates, with Lake Macquarie recieving 7mm in 10 minutes, the storms are moving too quickly to deliver very high rainfall totals.

Sydney narrowly dodged this system, as it just skimmed past the northern beaches. However, storms still remain a threat until later this evening.

Storms have also affected the Mid North Coast, with a strong cell passing over Port Macquarie mid afternoon, dropping 8mm of rain in 10 minutes.

Heading into this evening, severe thunderstorms will continue to contract to the northeast of NSW.


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